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NourishLife speak
Patented formula Hypo-allergenic Physician formulated
NourishLife speak is the only omega-3/vitamin E speech development formula that provides the precise serving and ratio of the important nutrients needed for normal and healthy speech and coordination.
Ingredients: NourishLife speak contains a patented blend of concentrated and purified omega-3s from fish oil (EPA and DHA), natural vitamin E (d-alpha and d-gamma tocopherols), Vitamin K (K1 and K2), Vitamin D3 and natural orange flavor in 1200 mg soft gelatin capsules.
 NourishLife Speak Serving Information / Questions:
1. How should I begin supplementing with NourishLife speak?
If your child is not currently taking omega-3 fish oil or vitamin E supplements:
Start with 1 capsule of NourishLife speak daily. After 2 weeks increase the serving to 2 capsules daily until reaching a serving of 4 capsules per day over 8 weeks. If you believe that your child will benefit from additional supplementation beyond 4 capsules, regardless of previous omega-3 supplementation, check with your healthcare practitioner.
Suggested serving plan for those not current taking fish oil or vitamin E supplements:

# of speak Twist off capsules 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4
If your child is already taking individual fish oil and vitamin E supplements:
- First determine the current serving amount of the active omega-3 (EPA and DHA) and vitamin E (if any) that your child is receiving with the existing supplement* (usually listed clearly on the Supplement Facts panel. Be sure to determine the amount per serving or per capsule). This will provide you a baseline from which to start for an equivalent serving.
- Some families administer both High EFA and High EPA supplements. Shown below is a chart illustrating the amounts of each ingredient and how 2 capsules of speak provide the essential equivalent to three capsules of the other supplements plus additional nutrients in NourishLife speak provide added benefits and nutrient balance, not found in other omega-3 supplements.
 *Feel free to contact SpeechNutrients at 1-847-471-0358 if you have any questions.
EPA 270 425 725 mg
DHA 180 100 275 mg
Vitamin D3
(Colecalciferol )
- 20 g
Vitamin E (Alpha) - - 500 IU
Vitamin E (Gamma) - - 200 mg
Vitamin K1 - - 1 MG
Vitamin K2 - - 150 g

Once you have determined the amount you currently giving, select a comparable amount of NourishLife speak and begin with that serving (be sure to discontinue the other omega 3 supplements). Many families begin with 2 capsules of NourishLife speak twist off daily. After two weeks, increase intake to 3 capsules daily. And after another 2 weeks, increase intake to 4 capsules daily. Most families report success with a transition period, that is, replacing omega-3 in the current supplement with NourishLife speak over time.
2. What is the correct serving of NourishLife speak for my childs height, weight, and age?
Every child is different and you will know the best amount by knowing and observing your child. If your child is not currently taking omega-3, begin supplementing with one capsule daily (with food or snack) and increase slowly. Toddlers and smaller children may see the most benefit with 2 or 4 capsules per day, while older and larger children and adults may do best with 6 caps a day, divided throughout the day.
We suggest working with your healthcare practitioner if you choose to use increased amounts. A guideline is that if you dont see additional benefit with additional capsules, then stay with the lower serving.
3. How often and at what times should speak be taken?
It is preferable to provide NourishLife speak throughout the day during a childs most active time in the morning and afternoon, not at night. Start with the morning meal and divide the serving throughout the day. For example, 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 with an afternoon snack. If your child is in school, you may ask your school nurse to provide the supplements. Depending on your state, you may need a note from your childs doctor. If you are not able to provide supplements throughout the day, give half the serving in the morning and the balance with dinner (best not directly before bed as omega-3s may cause increased mental activity).
4. How should I give NourishLife speak to my child?
Many parents open (twist off) the capsules and mix the oil with non-heated foods (e.g. pudding, smoothie); others serve it on a spoon (with or without juice or fruit sauce) or squirt it directly into the mouth and follow with food. The product is in a larger capsule, thereby providing a complete serving in only 2 capsules. Remember, dont mix the product with hot foods.(Learn more serving suggestions here)
5. When should I begin to notice beneficial changes in my child?
Every child is different and responses vary. Occasionally, families report beneficial changes in their children within the first few days of supplementation. Others notice advances in speech and coordination after several weeks. A number of factors may influence a childs response, such as consistency and serving, co-existing conditions (GI issues, allergies), previous supplementation, transition time, and adherence to special diets.
The time of year can impact response as well due to summer allergies, winter cold and flu season, etc. It is recommended to give NourishLife speak on a daily basis (consistency is key) for a minimum of a 4 month period to determine if your child benefits from the nutrients in speak. Identifying and addressing underlying health issues may improve your childs success. (GI problems and/or allergies are quite common and should be investigated.)
6. Can older children benefit from speak?
Families have reported positive results in older children. It may take longer to see benefits in older children, depending on the childs health status and health history and underlying GI issues and/or allergies. Follow the suggested use and increase over time.
7. My child seems more emotional, weepy, agitated. Is this normal?
Emotional outbursts and transient moods are common when children begin supplementing with omega-3 supplements. Each child is different. If your child has been very compliant, a change in this behavior may be considered normal. Parents have reported the Tasmanian Devil effect, where children become very active, oppositional but in time (2-3 weeks) rebalance.
8. What are some possible side-effects associated with omega-3 and vitamin E supplementation? (The issues described are typically associated with all omega-3 and vitamin E supplements not unique to NourishLife speak.)
a) Some children may experience loose stools when they begin supplementation with oil-based capsules; this usually resolves quickly (great for constipated kids!)
b) Moodiness, irritability, and emotional outbursts are commonly reported in children during the first few days/weeks of omega-3 supplementation; however, this usually comes with increased babbling, imitation of sounds, and eventually words to sentences.
c) Although theoretical, experts believe it is best to be off fish oil 2 weeks before a surgery due to increased bleeding risk, given the platelet effects of omega-3.
d) Avoid using products such as ibuprofen (motrin, advil) or aspirin since they increase the risk of bleeding, so the combination (omega-3, vitamin E, and these medicines) could theoretically heighten the risk of bleeding. Acetaminophen (Tylenol®) may be an option under the direction of your healthcare provider.
e) Individuals on blood thinners such as Coumadin should not be using fish oil and vitamin E.
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug dminstration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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