Dusk (Reishi/Chaga) 80 Capsules

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Aid relaxation and deep sleep with our wild-crafted and concentrated blend of organic Reishi & Chaga mushroom powders that we've encapsulated for your convenience. Reishi is known for calming the central nervous system to reduce stress. Whereas Chaga is a rich source of antioxidants, protecting the body against oxidation and the breakdown of DNA / cell membranes. Each bottle contains 80 capsules (20-40 day supply).

We dual-extract and gently spray dry naturally wild-crafted and organic Reishi and Chaga mushrooms grown with sunlight, fresh air and clean water before concentrating them into potent, nutrient rich powders.

Although all the mushrooms we sell have some similar attributes in terms of supporting the immune system, blood sugar regulation, nerve regeneration, improving mental clarity and physical wellbeing, they also have that one stand out benefits they have become known for: 

Reishi mushroom has an incredible ability to enhance immunity and reduce stress, which helps with deep restful sleep. The beta-glucans, polysaccharides and triterpenes within Reishi are known for their ability to up-regulate the bodies immune response through boosting our cells ability to eradicate pathogens and increasing apoptosis. Apoptosis is the natural process of our body clearing out damaged cells such as those infected with a virus. Research is also indicating that these polysaccharides and triterpenes can calm the central nervous system and lower stress levels in the body. The increased relaxation that has been observed as a result of Reishi consumption has resulted in increases in deep sleep and enhanced recovery.

Chaga mushroom acts as an anti-stress adaptogen and master anti-oxidant, protecting against free radicals / oxidative stress and the breakdown of DNA and cell membranes. This makes it a great way to counteract the damage caused by daily stressors, such as; air pollution, pseudo foods like vegetable oils and any toxic chemicals we come into contact with such as the ones in the average washing up liquid or cleaning sprays.  

Our mushroom powder extracts are grown as they should be; in nature with fresh air and sunlight and are certified organic by the Soil Association. We carefully source and extract our mushrooms to ensure high levels of the beneficial compounds within these mushrooms are maintained. Each gram of our Reishi and Chaga mushroom powders are made with 8 grams of naturally wild-crafted mushroom for potency. This product DOES NOT contain mycelium, starch, pesticides, toxins or fillers of any kind. It's also wild-crafted and therefore not lab-grown with the use of oats. 

Ingredients: 50% 8:1 concentrated Organic Ganoderma Lucidm (Reishi) fruiting body & 50% 8:1 concentrated Organic Inonotus Obliquus (Chaga) conk mushroom powder extracts. HPMC (vegan) capsules. 

Serving Suggestion: Take 2 - 4 capsules (0.9 - 1.8g) in the evening or on non-work / rest days to promote relaxation and / or deep sleep.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and away from children.

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