Colostrum Powder 150g (Grass-Fed)

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Colostrum is the ‘first milk’ produced by cattle in the hours following their infants birth, to develop the calfs immune system and trigger growth. Our colostrum is from grass-fed / finished cattle and is ethically sourced from the surplus left after the calf has been fully nourished. We gently spray dry the milk into a powder, which is packed with nutrients, peptides and growth factors. This makes it an incredibly potent natural supplement for immunity, lean muscle / connective tissue growth and gut health. Each tub contains 150g which equates to 30-50 servings, depending on usage.

Ingredients: 100% Grass-Fed Bovine Colostrum Powder

  • Growth Factors - Colostrum contains a multitude of growth factors, such as IGF-I, IGF-II, TGF-a, TGF-b and EGF which support bone, cartilage and skin health, as well as aiding in lean muscle growth. 
  • Gut Health - The transforming growth factors have been shown to heal the gut, which in turn supports digestion, immunity, neurotransmitter production and detoxification.
  • Immune Function - Packed with immunoglobulins and macrophage stimulating factor, colostrum is unparalleled in it's ability to support immune function. 
  • Hormone/Antibiotic Free - Our colostrum is sourced from grass fed / grass finished cattle, which graze outside naturally for as much of the year as is possible, They are completely hormone and antibiotic free and their diet contains no foods containing fertilisers, pesticides, heavy metals or other chemicals.

Our ancestors understood the importance of eating the whole animal, nose to tail and utilising everything it had to offer. They appreciated that animals gave their lives to ensure us as humans could survive and thrive so they left nothing go to waste. Also, because of their deep connection with the earth and their own bodies they intuitively knew just how nutrient dense colostrum is. They believed that drinking the colostrum of a healthy animal, would strengthen their health and vitality.  Fast forward to today and the immense power of colostrum has somewhat been forgotten. What was once highly sought after is now rarely consumed. We created our grass-fed colostrum powder to help people reintroduce this ancestral superfood, loaded with nutrients, peptides and growth factors in an easy to consume way.  


Take 3-5g (1 heaped tsp) per day. This can be blended into milk, yoghurt, water or shakes. If being added by hand it’s best to mix it with a small amount of liquid into a paste before topping up to reduce clumping.


Insulin-like Growth Factor- I & II (IGF-I & -II) - The primary growth factors in colostrum, these have been shown to build lean muscle mass, balance blood sugar and stimulate the synthesis and repair of DNA. Transforming Growth Factors Alpha & Beta (TGF-a & b) - Stimulates the growth of connective tissue, including bone / cartilage and plays a key roll in wound healing and gut repair. Having a properly formed gut wall supports digestion, immunity, neurotransmitter production and detoxification. Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF) - A primary driver in the maintenance and repair of skin, including wound healing.


It contains: Immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG, IgM, IgD, IgE) - Antibodies that play an integral role in immunity. Proline-rich Polypeptides (PRPs) - Crucial for thymus gland support and modulating the immune response, PRPs have been shown to bolster a weakened immune response or balance out an overactive immune system. Lactoferrin - an iron-binding protein which helps a critical roll in immunity due its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Colony-stimulating Factor-1 (macrophage colony-stimulating factor) - Stimulates the production of macrophages, which are immune cells that consume and dispose of dead pathogens. Cytokines, Interleukins, Interferons, and Lymphokines - Known to enhance T cell activity, antibody production and act as a potent anti-inflammatory.


Cattle udders can be contaminated with E-coli, salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria from manure. Therefore our colostrum is gently pasteurised to kill any pathogens, whilst not denaturing the colostrum.


Our colostrum is produced exclusively from herds which are certified free from BSE.

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