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  • High-Potency Enzyme Combination for Digestion of Food Protein
  • Highest Per-Capsule Dosing of Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPP IV)
  • Increases Breakdown of Casein, Gluten, Soy Protein
  • Safe, Non-Toxic Alternative or Supplement to GFCF Diet

Peptizyde (pronounced "Pep-ta-zyde") is a combination of three different proteolytic enzymes isolated from plant sources. Each enzyme has a unique set of peptide bonds it prefers to break, so the combination of these enzymes allows much more efficient means of quickly and thoroughly breaking down (hydrolyzing) proteins to its smaller components. The enzymes in Peptizyde work only on food proteins, not carbohydrates, fats, or other compounds, and do not interfere with medications or other supplements (unless they are also proteins, which is extremely unlikely). Peptizyde may be used in combination with other enzyme products.

The aminopeptidase enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase IV, or DPP IV, is able to hydrolyze and inactivate the exorphin peptide, casomorphin. However, for maximal protein breakdown, it should be combined with other proteases with different and less stringent peptide bond specificity. For this reason, Peptizyde also contains papain (from papaya) and another fungal protease with high activity in acid conditions. These enzymes are present in Peptizyde in high amounts for the purpose of quickly hydrolyzing proteins while the food is still in the stomach. The ability of Peptizyde enzymes to withstand the low pH of the stomach and remain active under acidic conditions allows hydrolysis of casein and gluten prior to entrance into the small intestine. Casein and gluten, in the presence of pancreatic enzymes in the duodenum, can produce exorphin peptides that may be readily absorbed from the intestine (these peptides are not absorbed from the stomach). Peptizyde supplements the "normal" hydrolysis of casein, gluten, and other food proteins such that the exorphin peptides are not produced because the specific cleavage pattern to produce these peptides is altered.

Peptizyde is different from other enzyme products in that it contains only those enzymes needed for protein hydrolysis. No other enzymes have been added. This allows parents to customize enzyme supplementation to the specific needs of their child. Another advantage to this approach is that less potential exists for intolerance reactions due to additional and perhaps unnecessary enzyme proteins. Also, by using only three enzyme blends in Peptizyde, larger amounts of each enzyme can be added per capsule, insuring that more hydrolysis of food protein can take place in the short time that food is in the stomach.

Peptizyde is also different in that it has allowed many families to safely modify or even abandon the gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diet, thus allowing families more choice in foods available, better nutrition (by re-incorporating important protein sources back into the family diet), and much less stress and worry from fear of food reactions.

One other important difference between Peptizyde and other products is the scientist who developed the product. Devin Houston, Ph.D. is the owner and creator of all Houston Nutraceutical products. Dr. Houstons experience in and knowledge of enzymes, nutrition, and human biochemistry helped develop a product that is now enabling many families to live better and healthier.

Appetite may increase as well as showing more interest in other types of foods. Decrease in stimming, mood swings, and aggressiveness were also noted. Peptizyde may allow for re-introduction of dairy and wheat products to the diet without abnormal behaviors occurring. Benefits from Peptizyde do vary with each individual and may be affected by other supplements and dietary composition. Other supplements, especially vitamin and minerals, may be decreased in amount or frequency of dosing as more nutrition is derived from diet with enzymes.

Reported Benefits

Peptizyde is not limited to digestive support of those on the PDD spectrum. It is recommended for high protein diets and athletic training; and dosing may be increased for those meals that are higher in meat protein.

Reported Side Effects

Using Peptizyde as an Alternative or Supplement to the GFCF Diet

Contraindications for Enzyme Supplementation

Maximum dosing
No upper limit has been established for enzyme dosing, and animal studies found no toxicity at dosing as high as 2000 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day for 90 days. Most find using 1 to 2 capsules per meal is adequate, and most likely no further benefits will occur with higher dosing, though as much as 4 capsules may be given for the infrequent and large food challenges. Maximum consistent dosing per day is recommended to be no more than 9 capsules per day.

Each capsule of Peptizyde contains:

All HNI products are free of gluten, casein, soy, rice, MSG, salicylates, sugar, and artificial colors.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

Peptizyde is a trademark of Houston Nutraceuticals, Inc.

Peptidase (source of DPP IV)......62,500 HUT
Protease..........................25,000 HUT
Papain (sulfite-free)........2,000,000 FCCPU
Vegetable cellulose

These enzymes should NOT be used under the following circumstances: active stomach or duodenal ulcers, severe bowel inflammation (characterized by blood in stools), hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, or within a week of scheduled surgery.

This product may not be appropriate for those with known allergies to Aspergillus enzyme proteins or papaya, though non-specific mold allergies do not necessarily preclude use of fungal enzymes.

Consult your medical doctor for further advice, and err on the side of caution. Those with known anaphylactic allergic reactions to fungal proteins should NOT ingest fungal-derived enzymes.

The procedure recommended by most parents who have successfully abandoned the GFCF diet using Peptizyde is to use the enzymes while maintaining the diet for a period of at least 2 months. When challenging with foods known to be a problem, use small portions initially with 1 or 2 capsules of Peptizyde.

The intention is to provide more than enough Peptizyde to counter the effects of casein/gluten. If the challenge was successful, increasing the amount of food given may be attempted, keeping in mind that more Peptizyde may be necessary to counter the increased size of the food challenge.

For occasional use, up to 4 capsules may be given for infractions, any more than that will probably not provide any additional benefit.In children sensitive to gluten and casein, initial use of Peptizyde may result in "exorphin-peptide withdrawal syndrome", as exorphin peptides are decreased in system. This may present as hyperactivity, irritability, increased aggression, tantrums, etc. for a period of several days to as long as a month. In most cases, this syndrome is resolved when dosing of 1 capsule per meal is obtained for a period of several days.

Most parents report the cessation of negative behaviors after about 3 weeks. Often, the syndrome can be minimized by starting with low doses (¼ - ½ capsule) and working up to 1 capsule per meal within about 2 weeks. If behavior during this initial dosing becomes a concern, stop the enzyme supplementation for a period of 2 weeks (or until child returns to former behavior), then re-introduce Peptizyde at a much reduced dose and increase dosing at a much slower rate than previously used.

Many parents also reported that decreasing or discontinuing certain vitamin supplements containing high amounts of B6 or P5P would alleviate much of the hyperactivity. Addition of HN-Zyme Prime to Peptizyde supplementation also seemed to reduce side effects from opiate withdrawal syndrome.

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