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Vitamin C - Crystal C (The Right C) 50grams

 Crystal C™ MAX - Powder

Crystal C™ is now available in Powder form as Crystal C™ MAX

Pack Contents: 50g of Crystal C powder, pH Neutral, the idealway to take high doses of Vit C.

Each Gram (approx 1/4 teaspoon) contains 842mg of Vitamin C (1403% RDA*), 101mg of Sodium and 50mg of Riboperine.

* = Recommended Daily Allowance

Crystal C™ with EnterCell™ Technology

Crystal C™ is a new form of Vitamin C, which is far superior to existing forms of Vitamin C, such as Ester C and Ascorbic Acid.

Why is Crystal C™ better?
The Crystal C™ product is superior due to its type and amount of metabolites. No other C product has these particular metabolites, and no other C product has a metabolite content of 5%.

How is Crystal C™ better for me? - How does it work?
Because of the metabolites, the product is much more absorbable by the body. This means that the body will absorb more of the Vitamin C, than it would with other C products.

The product is also PH Neutral, so will not cause the laxative effects associated with consuming large amounts of other C products, such as Ascorbic Acid.

Vitamin C bound to a sodium molecule has long been used by many physicians for intravenous infusions and as a supplement to many foods.

  • Crystal C™ is a special crystalline form of Vitamin C with a strongly attached sodium molecule that is buffered to a non-acidic, neutral pH and eliminates, or greatly reduces, the normal intestinal distress that occurs with some individuals taking large amounts of Vitamin C.
  • The sodium molecule used in this product helps with enhanced entry into the cells by EnterCell™ Technology.
  • Crystal C™ enhanced with our special Riboperine™ Metabolites has been tested for over two years in clinical validations and is still being used by physicians insuring the clinical benefits of the product.

    Using Multiple Vitamin C Pathways - MULTI-PATH™
    1. Glucose and Vitamin C are taken up into the cells by many of the same transport systems.
    2. Crystal C™ with Riboperine™ Metabolites does not use the Glucose pathway exclusively for transport, but uses multiple, entirely different, separate and unique pathways to the cell, MULTI-PATH™. Many nutrients utilize the Glucose pathway for absorption. Crystal C™ with Riboperine™ Metabolites does not have to "Wait In Line" to be absorbed into the cell.
    3. Crystal C™ has been formulated to enter the cells from several pathways i.e. the Glucose pathway, the Sodium pathway, the mass action pathway and transport facilitated by the Pentose Phosphate Shunt rather than just the Glucose/Ascorbate or Glucose/Aldonic pathwayWhat is Crystal C™ ?

The Benefits of Crystal C™ - Why is it the better Vitamin C.

Fully Reacted - non-acidic, neutral pH


  • Sodium molecule binds to the ascorbate molecule stronger than any other cations including calcium

    Oral Absorption Study Of Vitamin C Supplements

    ( A Preliminary Report )

    1. Purpose:
    To determine the plasma total ascorbate levels after oral gavage of Ascorbic acid, Ester C and Crystal C at a dose of 8 mgs/kg body weight as equivalent ascorbate activity.

    2. Results:
    The mean Total Ascobate plasma concentrations ( micrograms/ml ) are given below:


    The data are graphically presented in the shown chart.

    3. Discussion of results:
    The data shows, at equal ascorbate activity, administered as Ascorbic acid, Ester C or Crystal C, Crystal C attained the highest plasma level at 30 minutes post dose. Compared to Ester C, Crystal C attained a 41% higher plasma level at 30 minutes. Crystal C plasma levels were 414% higher than Ascorbic acid at 30 minutes while Ester C was only 260% higher. At 60 minutes Crystal C was 71%, and at 90 minutes, 160 % higher than the corresponding plasma levels attained with Ester C. At 60 and 90 minutes the plasma ascorbate concentrations from Ester C fell below both Crystal C and Ascorbic acid.

    The fourth point on each respective curve represents the result of regression analysis. Ester C plasma levels return to baseline ( control ) levels approximately 105 minutes post dose. Extrapolation predicts that Ascorbic acid plasma levels return to baseline at 120 minutes and Crystal C approximately 180 minutes post dose.

    The AUC ( area under the curve ) for Crystal C is in the range of 175% greater than Ester C and 200% greater than Ascorbic acid plasma levels.

    The AUC is a measure of Total Ascorbate activity delivered and thereby absorbed over the test period.

    4. Conclusions:
    At equal ascobate activity doses Crystal C attains higher ascorbate plasma levels than Ester C or Ascorbic acid. These higher levels are maintained for the entire test period. Crystal C delivers 175% more ascorbate activity than maintained by an equal ascorbate activity dose of Ester C. The maintenance of plasma levels by Crystal C is due to a more rapid and sustained oral uptake than Ester C or Ascorbic acid. This is based on the fact that the down slopes of of the plasma levels are at the same rate until return to baseline.

    Study Prepared by:

    Anthony J. Verlangieri, Ph. D
    Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology
    University of Missisippi, School of Pharmacy.
    January 10, 2004

    • Contains our special Riboperine™ Metabolites which have been shown to enhance the uptake of Vitamin C. Unlike Ester type products which only contain 1% metabolite, Crystal C™ contains 5% metabolites
    • Completely, 100% water soluble as a powder
    • Reduces/eliminates intestinal upset
    • A powerful Vitamin C that "enters" the body and cells, the EnterCell™ Technology, through multiple pathways, MULTI-PATH™
    • Crystal C™ with Riboperine™ Metabolites goes beyond Vitamin C, goes beyond an Ester and does more than either one could ever do!
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