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No Fenol
Plant based enzyme to support digestion of phenolic foods, fruits, vegatables and fibrous foods. Available as SCD legal capsules, and regular chewables.
LypaZyme 120 Capsules
Optimized Lipase Enzyme Combination for improved digestion, ulitilisation and absorption of fats and essential fatty acids.
TriEnza 3 in 1 Combo
Combination of AFP, Zyme Prime & No Fenol in one convenient, cost effective product
Zyme Prime
Plant based broad spectrum enzymes for general digestive support and carbohydrates and fats. Available as SCD capsules and regular chewables.
ZyCarb 120 Caps
ZyCarb is a specialized formulation for help with digestion of starches, carbohydrates and sugars. The enzymes are balanced to provide digestive relief without an overly-firming effects on stools.