Mandi Mart is delighted to work with parents receiving support from the Caudwell Trust

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As you may be aware, Caudwell are changing the way they operate in terms of spending any funding they may have bestowed upon your family. Come the new year we will no longer be a Caudwell supplier. This means that you will not be able to spend your Caudwell funding with us here at MandiMart. Caudwell will no longer be accepting orders placed through MandiMart from 20/12/17. Placing your order by this date does not guarantee that your order will be approved by Caudwell, who close for Christmas on 22/12/17. Your order, once placed with us must be approved by your Practitioner, as well as a check with Caudwell that you have allocated funding to spend, this could likely take longer than 2 days. Unfortunately, if your order has not been approved by 22/12/17 your order will be cancelled. Therefore, we recommend placing any Caudwell funded orders as soon as possible to ensure there is sufficient time for your order to be approved. If your order is approved on 22/12/17, but after we close for shipping on 21/12/17 your order will be shipped in the new year when we re-open on 02/01/18. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by these changes.

Mandi is proud to be an approved provider of health supplements for families accessing support from the Caudwell Children charity.

To order from Mandi Mart and use your Caudwell award to fund it please:-

Add your items to the basket as normal but when you checkout
  • Checkout has changed to ask for DELIVERY address first - enter YOUR HOME address and telephone number
  • Don't forget to fill in CAUDWELL details in BILLING you can use postcode finder to save typing in - ST4 7RY if this stage is not completed then you will need to put the order through again
  • Choose PAY BY CHEQUE
  • Send me an email at with your childs name and award number and your practitioners name
  • We will then submit your order to Caudwell for approval who will check with your practitioner and we send parcel as soon as we receive confirmation that funding is available. This process may take several days depending on how busy they are at Caudwell and the time taken for your practitioners response to Caudwell.
  • Please try to make only one order per calender month. We understand supplements may be changed or  added to after consultation with your practitioner and on occasions you will need to order sooner rather than waiting for the following month. This is also a good reason to order only one or two months worth of product at any one time. Your funding is precious, use it wisely, if it all possible make use of free shipping as all orders are sent by 1st class Royal Mail.
Please note your Caudwell funding can only be used for supplements at Mandi Mart and orders for the following items should be made separately and paid at checkout