Z-Natural Activated Liquid Zeolites 30mls

Z-Natural Activated Liquid Zeolites 30mls

BRAND: Life-Link - produced by Harvey Kaufman, patent holder for Activated Liquid Zeolites

In an average lifetime humans undergo at least 10 million cellular mutations and in the majority of cases these mutations are taken care of by the body's natural defences. When this does not take place serious illness can occur.
Serious illness can be caused by many different factors including heavy metals, toxins, stress, diet, lifestyle, smoking and genetics. These factors can cause mutations in a cells DNA resulting in an abnormal cell that can replicate quickly and will not obey signals for cell death.

Zeolites are very large molecules and are insoluble in water. There are 150 known Zeolites in the world, some synthetic but most are mined from the ground.They can be used in water and air treatment plants due to their cage-like structure and most Zeolites are toxic.One type of Zeolite, Clinoptolite, is a non toxic Zeolite formed from volcanic ash or 250 million year old fossil blue/green algae.

Clinoptolite is in a powder form and is insoluble in water. Powdered Zeolite can not enter the blood stream; it will just be passed out from the body so is ineffective.Therefore a small part of the Zeolite is chemically broken off to form a Nano-Zolite that is soluble in water.

The structure of this is a 4 and 5 caged ring structure and a chain made up of Oxygen, Silica, Magnesium and Aluminium.
The Nano-Zolites are the active components of the ZNatural and will stay active for 33 hours in the body.

ZNatural is not a drug but can be used as a preventative against serious illness. This is important in today's society as we are constantly being exposed to Toxins in our personal care products, heavy metals in our atmosphere and from dental fillings, Preservatives, additives and hormones in our food and water and high levels of stress, with low levels of exercise. ZNatural can help to remove some of these toxins, heavy metals and free radicals.

ZNatural CAN be taken with medications containing lithium such as anti-depressants, anxiety and schizophrenic medications. The ZNatural will not interfere with these medications.

The ZNatural can also be taken WITH chemotherapy as the ZNatural will not remove any platinum from the chemotherapy and can actually support chemotherapy and help with the toxic side effects. It will not remove the toxins produced by the chemotherapy, it can actually help cancerous cells take up the chemotherapy agents and work synergistically with the chemotherapy treatment.

Chemotherapy drugs used today are not specific and even attack healthy cells of the body, resulting in a suppressed immune system and many side effects. The chemotherapy drugs are also so toxic that they cannot be used long term.

However ZNatural should NOT be taken with radiotherapy.

ZNatural can also help remove the natural toxins such as myotoxins.
ZNatural can help remove toxins, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and insecticides.
Toxins with heavy metals will chelate with the oxygen atoms in the Nano-Zolite so heavy metals are removed.
Toxins with alcoholic side groups (OH) can form Hydrogen bonds with the Nano-Zolite chain and be removed.
Toxins containing Nitrogen such as nitrates and nitrites can chelate with the metallic atoms in the chain of the Nano-Zolite so are removed from the body.

ZNatural can also support and activate the immune system by increasing the amount of Nuclear Factor Protein (NFP) which is present in every cell in the body. Increasing NFP boosts the immune system by causing the thymus and spleen to make more T-Cells and macrophages.

Amount per drop : 8mg Activated Liquid Zeolite (4,4  dicylco, dimagnesium, dialumino, oxyo, trihydrate)

600 drops per 30ml bottle

Dosing of Liquid Zeolites to address toxicity in Autism between 1 - 10 drops three times per day. Start slowly and build up dose, ensure adequate water intake, avoid dosing after 6.00pm as some may find the product energizing.

Autism Zeolite Study

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